HUMA GRO® offers a variety of package fertility products that deliver essential micronutrients (sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, etc.), to promote the strong, steady growth of your crops and produce bigger yields. All of these high-quality products include our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® as a base for better absorption of nutrients by crops and ornamentals. This improved efficiency benefits your bottom line because now you can save money by applying less fertilizer.

Your HUMA GRO® distributor can work with you to determine the best combinations and concentrations of micronutrients which will be most beneficial for your particular crops.

Individual Products: (Product composition may differ by country.)

44 MAG® (0-0-0 +5%Mg, 5.5%S)

44 MAG® complexed with MCT ensures maximum assimilation of magnesium which is the essential part of the chlorophyll molecule that gives plants their green color.

BORO-MAX® (0-0-0 +10%B)

BORO-MAX® complexed with MCT ensures efficient and effective uptake of boron, which is required for cell division, plant metabolism, cell structure, sugar transport, pollination, and seed development. It enhances pollen viability and pollination in flowering crops, and supplies boron nutrition necessary for proper growth and maturation. (See product Press Release.)

CALCIUM (8-0-0 +10%Ca)

CALCIUM complexed with MCT ensures maximum calcium uptake and translocation within the plant. CALCIUM is a required nutrient for cellular strength & growth, plant health, and fruit development which indirectly reduces the risk of fungal diseases.

COBALT (0-0-0 +5%Co)

COBALT complexed with MCT is an essential micronutrient involved with nodulation of legumes, microbial function, and, thus, the indirect recovery from plant stress. It is the center element of the B-12 vitamin.

COMOL™ (0-5-0 +3%Mo, 1%Co)

COMOL™ complexed with MCT ensures efficient nutrient uptake and translocation of phosphorus, cobalt and molybdenum, which indirectly encourages production of amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates necessary for cellular division, nodulation of legumes, microbial functions, recovery from plant stress, enzyme activities, and nitrogen metabolism.

COPPER (0-0-0 +5%Cu, 3%S)

COPPER complexed with MCT ensures efficient and effective uptake of copper which is a micronutrient involved in many plant metabolic processes including photosynthesis, enzyme activity, protein metabolism, nitrogen regulation and plant vigor.

IRON (12-0-0 +6%Fe, 4%S)

IRON complexed with MCT provides effective and quick iron uptake into the plant and is a key micronutrient involved in photosynthesis and enables other biochemical processes such as respiration, symbiotic nitrogen fixation and transfer of ATP within the plant. IRON relieves chlorotic symptoms of iron-deficient plants.

MANGANESE (0-0-0 +5%Mn, 2.5%S)

MANGANESE complexed with MCT ensures efficient and effective uptake of manganese which is a micronutrient involved in many plant metabolic activities including photosynthesis, enzyme activity, and nutrient regulation.

MAX PAK® (0-0-0 +S, Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Co, Zn, Cu)

MAX PAK® is a liquid micronutrient formulation containing a complexed, highly stable source of many important micronutrients. MAX PAK® is leaf friendly, salt buffered, and formulated with MCT to ensure maximum uptake and translocation of nutrients.

MOLYBDENUM (0-0-0 +5%Mo)

MOLYBDENUM complexed with MCT ensures efficient and effective uptake of molybdenum which is a micronutrient necessary in enzyme activities and particularly in nitrogen metabolism.

NICKEL (0-0-0 +10%Ni, 6%S)

NICKEL complexed with MCT is a critical source of nickel which is necessary in the production of various tree, vine and nut crops.

SULFUR (8-0-0 +10%S)

SULFUR complexed with MCT enables sulfur nutrient absorption by the plant that is a major nutrient involved in respiration, photosynthesis, amino acid metabolism, plant growth, and vigor.

Z-MAX® (0-0-0 +8%Zn, 5%S, 2%Mn, 0.5%Cu)

Z-MAX® complexed with MCT ensures efficient and effective uptake of zinc, sulfur, manganese, and copper to optimize micronutrient nutrition of the plant that can help suppress certain external and internal plant stresses. It is a highly concentrated micronutrient solution designed to improve plant nutrition and vigor. Z-MAX® is compatible with plant growth regulators, pesticides, and other liquid fertilizers.