The Solution for Improved Zinc Nutrition in Plants

Huma Gro® Z-MAX® carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology® ensures efficient and effective uptake of zinc, sulfur, manganese, and copper to optimize micronutrient nutrition of the plant that can help suppress certain external and internal plant stresses. This highly concentrated micronutrient solution is designed to improve plant nutrition and vigor. Z-MAX® is compatible with plant growth regulators, pesticides, and other liquid fertilizers.

Benefits of use:

  • Micronutrient source and chemical input tank mix partner
  • N-P-K booster
  • Nutrient buffer for tank mixes
  • Improved plant vigor
  • Essential components in chlorophyll, plant enzyme systems, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, photosynthesis, respiration, vitamins, and hormones
  • Regulation of N-P-K, water, and plant solubles

Testimonials and videos

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