Optimal Growth Managers

HUMA GRO® offers high quality, easy-to-use plant growth management nutrient products that indirectly may cause the plant to metabolically produce beneficial hormones naturally. By enhancing nutrient uptake through your plants’ roots or leaves, HUMA GRO® Optimal Growth Managers help increase flowering, budding, fruit set, fruit size, and maturity. This helps you deliver improved crop quality and yields, resulting in more uniform maturity and consistent size. HUMA GRO® products add to your plants’ size and vigor, even late in the season, which diminishes the effects of stress associated with disease, insects, and weather. These benefits combine to make you more efficient, more productive, and more profitable at harvest.

Individual Products: (Product composition may differ by country.)

VITOL® (8-16-4 +S, Fe, Mn, Zn)

VITOL® complexed with MCT feeds the natural metabolic processes within the plant for vegetative development and fruit sizing. It increases the nutrient uptake of the plant needed to move it smoothly through its growth stages. It also improves plant recovery from environmental stresses during peak crop demand periods. When soil applied, VITOL® provides necessary nutrients for root growth and elongation that are critical in tap root crops.

BREAKOUT® (4-14-2)

BREAKOUT® complexed with MCT is designed to feed the natural metabolic process within the plant for enhanced bud initiation, flowering and fruit set. When applied to soils, BREAKOUT® is effective at providing needed nutrients for fibrous root growth and enhanced root mass development.

JACKPOT® (0-1-20+B)

JACKPOT® complexed with MCT is a concentration formulation of potassium and boron which feeds the metabolic processes necessary for uniform fruit maturity and improved shelf life, resulting in higher quality fruit. Potassium in JACKPOT® promotes translocation of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, and sugars from leaves and stems into the fruit. JACKPOT® may indirectly improve yield, size, color, quality, and uniformity of all crops. JACKPOT® should always be applied with HUMA GRO® CALCIUM to achieve maximum results.

ACTIVOL® (0-5-0 +Fe, Mn, Zn)

ACTIVOL® complexed with MCT is a complex formulation of nutrients and refined plant oils which increases plant tolerance to foliar disease as well as facilitates nutrient uptake and translocation throughout the plant.

CROP-GARD® (1-7-1 +S, Cu, Mn, Zn)

CROP-GARD® complexed with MCT provides nutrients and refined plant oils for natural plant vigor. CROP-GARD® also achieves balanced plant nutrition for better plant color, growth, development, and production.

D-FEND® (0-5-0 +Fe, Zn, Mn)

D-FEND® complexed with MCT is a foliar formulation of nutrients and refined plant oils that facilitate nutrient uptake and translocation throughout the plant.

GOLDEN GRO™ (5-23-4 +Ca)

GOLDEN GRO™ complexed with MCT is a unique formulation that provides the plant the nutrients to feed the metabolic processes necessary for fruit sizing and improved quality and yield. GOLDEN GRO™ enables the N-P-K and calcium to be combined in a stable nutrient formulation that is effective and efficient while maintaining individual characteristics of each element.

SILI-MAX® (0-0-0 +10% Si)

SILI-MAX® complexed with MCT is a highly available source of silicon which is essential in grains and grasses for stronger heads, shoots, and blades. It increases the strength and rigidity of the plant cells and cell walls to prevent lodging or flopping.

START-L™ (0-0-0 + .05% Co,.10% Mo)

START-L™ complexed with MCT is an excellent nutrient mix on seeds for rapid and increased germination and uniform early emergence. START-L™ is also effective as a root dip or drench to keep transplants from going into shock.

VITOL® II (6-12-3 +S, Fe, Mn, Zn)

VITOL® II complexed with MCT performs exactly the same as VITOL® only the formula is specifically diluted for use in colder climates around the world.