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Increase Corn Yield with Less Product

Case Study: Phosphorus and Nitrogen on Spring Wheat

Huma Gro® Agricultural Products Increase Crop Yield in Mid-South US

Treat Nematodes on Turf Grass

Proud3® on Alternaria Leaf Spot: Rita Abi-Ghanem, PhD

Breakout®, Vitol® and Crop-Gard® on Soybeans – Dr. Rita Abi-Ganem

Research Report: Phosphorus on Bermuda Grass: Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem

Huma Gro® Agricultural Products Can Be Mixed Together: Sal Giha

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Growers Who Use Huma Gro®

Mid-South: Stories From the Field


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A Life of Abundance!

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Solving Environmental Challenges with HUMA GRO® Product Line

Distributor Videos

Adolfo Meneses—representing Agroinnova S.A. in Costa Rica

Dr. Bülent Özekici—representing SPN Agro in Adana, Turkey

Roy Candelaria—representing Oracle Chemical Corporation in the Philippines

Trent Graybill—representing Soilcraft in the USA state of Washington

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PRO-MAX™ Organic Pest Control on Almonds & Grapes

BREAKOUT® Growth Management on Cotton

SUPER PHOS™ Macronutrient on Alfalfa Crop

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Cotton Results with SUPER PHOS™ & BREAKOUT®