Micro Carbon Technology®

Delivering Nature’s Science™

The Origins of Micro Carbon Technology®

Mineral layers in actual mine

The beginning of our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® can be traced back to 1973 when our scientists discovered a unique material in our company owned mine in the Northwestern United States. When applied to farm fields, this material improved both the soil’s fertility and the plants’ nutrient uptake. We now know this material to be mainly composed of very high quality leonardite. Leonardite is a soft, brown, oxygen-rich form of coal that is made up of decomposing plant matter and minerals.

Proprietary Extraction Process

Chemical Extraction System

Over the years since the discovery of the leonardite deposit, our scientists are continuously refining the time-tested extraction process to refine our leonardite into extremely small carbon and oxygen-rich organic molecules, Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT), that act as a source of carbon and provide an ultra-efficient vehicle to move nutrients into the plant either through the soil and/or the leaves. This ultra-efficient delivery system means that farmers and crop managers can achieve more with less! MCT-based products have a positive environmental impact by promoting the growth of roots and beneficial microorganisms in the soil as well as reducing the amount of product needed to accomplish maximum results!

The Base of All Our Products

MCT logo symbol-textured LR-2Using Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) as a base, we have developed a full line of highly efficient and effective products that make up complete sustainable crop programs. Each of these unique products with MCT fall into one of four categories:
1. Products that enhance the activity and reproduction of beneficial soil micro-organisms that improve soil structure;
2. Products that more effectively and efficiently deliver essential plant nutrients to both leaves and roots;
3. Products that manage the crop for optimal growth, fruiting & maturity;
4. Zero-residue crop protection products that control soil and leaf pests using organic OMRI-listed botanical oils.

Key Benefits

  • Non-selective – works with both positive and negative elemental ions
  • Versatile Delivery – applied to the soil directly or through all irrigation systems and/or as a foliar spray by itself or with other agrichemicals
  • Low Energy – requires less effort to uptake nutrients and protects them from being tied up
  • MCT makes HUMA GRO® nutrients much more effective and efficient than any other nutrient sources on the market
  • Several times more efficient than granular fertilizers
  • A few times more efficient than the highest quality chelates

Learn More About the Benefits of Micro Carbon Technology®

MCT Symbol

Micro Carbon Technology® is the foundation and the secret to our extremely efficient products. The symbol is meant to serve as a graphical representation of the key aspects of what Micro Carbon Technology® encompasses. The MCT symbol features the hexagonal ring symbolizing the benzine ring, carbon-rich nature of our technology.

Micro Carbon Technology®

Micro Carbon Technology®

  • The Gray Ring/ Carbon represents the carbon-rich nature of our technology.
  • The Brown Drop/Soil represents the benefits that the technology has on soil health, fertility, and structure.
  • The Green Drop/Leaf symbolizes the tremendous benefits to plants that receive the technology as a delivery vehicle to efficiently uptake nutrients.
  • The Blue Drop/Water represents the beneficial effects the technology has on cleaning up water and wastewater through efficient microbial stimulation.

All the drops in clockwise motion in the central circle represent the interdependency of each drop on the others and the ongoing cycle of life within the Micro Carbon Technology®.

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