An Organic Fungicide/Nematicide that works! 

Promax® is an organic, soil-applied biopesticide that is a contact killer, as well as a preventive and curative agent. Promax® effectively treats a wide range of parasitic nematodes and soil-borne diseases at a fraction of the cost of traditional fumigants. Promax® is so effective that many conventional growers are replacing harsh fumigants with organic Promax®.

Nematicide & Fungicide

See a list of controlled Nematodes and Pathogens here.

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Decrease Costs

Avoid the headache of scheduling and paying for costly conventional fumigation treatments! You can save money by applying Promax® together with scheduled liquid inputs. Plus, Promax® will help increase the overall health and vigor of your crop, ensuring even higher profits.

Zero Residue 

Fumigants can leave a harmful residue that stay with the plants and products long after application and in turn be ingested by humans. Promax® leaves zero residue and is so safe it can be applied up to the day of harvest and still be safe. 

Safe For All Crops

Promax® is an organic nematicide and fungicide. It's safe for all crop types and has a ZERO re-entry interval (REI). This means you can apply Promax® knowing that it is protecting your crops from disease and pests in your soil, all while allowing you to keep working in your field or orchard.

Zero Re-entry Interval

Fumigants have a re-entry interval that can span days. Promax® has a zero re-entry time frame, meaning that you can spray and walk without delay. It is so safe that Promax® can be applied anytime throughout the growing season without harming the plants or roots.  

Use Anytime Needed

Whether you are looking to replace your fumigant by treating at pre-plant, or needing to treat for disease or pests during the growing season, or even at post-harvest, Promax® can be used at any time. This allows you the flexibility to treat on your schedule, when your plants need it most.

Zero Buffer Zone

Fumigants cannot be applied near schools or houses. Promax® has a zero buffer zone and can be applied when, where, and how you want. This allows growers to use Promax® freely, which saves valuable time and resources.  

Talk to a Huma Gro® Rep about applying ZAP® after Promax® to create an optimal microbial ecosystem in your soil.

View the Promax® product technical bulletin below.

Here's What our Customers Have to Say:

“There was good emergence of the crop following the Promax® application. This product was easy to apply and I experienced tremendous results. I look forward to using the product again next season!” -- Green Chile Farmer, New Mexico  

“This is the second year we have been using Promax® as a substitute for Telone C-17, mainly looking for pink root suppression. With Promax® we are able to apply around houses, schools, and anywhere Telone is restricted. The results are very consistent (with Promax®) showing equal or better growth as well as equal disease suppression.” — Rudy Allen, CPAg/CCA, Ag Tech Services, LLC 

Here's The Proof:

Field #1: A 70 acre field of onions in Arizona was showing signs of stress due to nematodes. With Vydate® in short supply and the grower being newly introduced to Huma Gro Promax®, the two products were combined. The PROMAX®/Vydate® mix was applied in hours 22 and 23. Rate: Promax® at 1 gallon per acre, Vydate® at 50% rate. Result: Grower saw a significant crop response by day 5. 

Field #2: December 30, 2015. A 75 acre field of onions. After seeing the results in the 70 acre field of onions, the farmer decided to apply only Promax® to the second field. The rate of application was 100% Huma Gro Promax® 1 gallon Promax® per acre. The products were applied through solid set sprinkler irrigation on a 24-hour set of irrigation. The same application method as was used on the 70-acre field. 

Results for Field #2: Grower called at day 4 and said his plants are vibrant and green. 

View the Promax® Effectiveness Document below.

Promax® has been proven effective in controlling:


• Root knot meloidogyne incognita 

• Spiral Helicotylenchus 

• Lesion Pratylenchus 

• Lance Hoplolaimus galeatus 

• Ring Criconemella xenoplax 

• Cyst Heterodera glycines

Rotylenchus robustus 

Tylenchorhynchus, and many more 


• Powdery Mildew Erysiphales 

• Rust Pucciniales 

Phytophthora spp. 

Plasmodiaphora spp. 


• Fusarium Root and Crown Rot (Fusarium Blight) 

• Pythium Root Rot (Pythium Blight) 

• And many others. 

Learn more about how Promax® can help your yield. Click for your free consultation and to learn how you can use Promax® to help with your needs!

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