Our Carbon Molecule may be small but your Yields won't be!

Why You Need Micro Carbon Technology

NON-SELECTIVE: works with both metallic (+) and non-metallic (-) ions.

VERSATILE DELIVERY: can be sprayed on the soil directly or applied through all irrigation systems and/or as a foliar.

LOW ENERGY: requires less plant effort to uptake nutrients, and protects nutrients from being tied up in the soil profile.

Our Products with Micro Carbon Technology


Unlike Conventional Products, Huma Gro® Soil Fertility Products:

  • Activate beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
  • Flocculate clay particles or aggregate sand for improved soil structure.
  • Buffer stress from soil toxicities (salts & heavy metals).
  • Improve water penetration and water-holding capacity.
  • Increase root mass development naturally—up to 25% and more.


Unlike Synthetic Hormones, HUMA GRO® Growth Products:

  • Achieve uniform blooming, fruit set, fruit sizing, and maturity.
  • Use natural plant metabolic processes without long-term side effects.
  • Do not create environmental hazards or public health concerns.
  • Manipulate the plant to do what you want it to do, when you want it to do it.


Unlike Conventional Nutrition Products, HUMA GRO® Products:

  • Save costs by lowering the amount of N-P-K that needs to be applied.
  • Are based on organically complexed nutrients, with significantly higher efficiency rates.
  • Lower the salt index and buffer nutrients—preventing phytotoxicity and root burn.
  • Decrease N-P-K residues for reduced toxicity and environmental impact.


Unlike Conventional Pesticides, HUMA GRO® Biopesticides:

  • Leave zero harmful chemical residues.
  • Do not damage the environment or create concern for human health.
  • Can be used long-term. Pests do not develop resistance.
  • Have zero re-entry level requirements. Minimal protective gear is needed.
  • Will kill on contact, and can be applied anytime up to the day of harvest.


Unlike Conventional Organic Acids, HUMA GRO® Products:

  • Are higher-performing fertility products based on organic acid compounds.
  • Allow the nutrients to easily assimilate through the roots and leaves.
  • Buffer roots against the damaging effect of highly acidic or alkaline soils.
  • Maximize the potential of your fertilizer, resulting in better germination, efficient foliar applications, and a more vigorous growth.

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