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Sustainable Soil Fertility

Huma Gro® sustainable soil fertility products improve the quality of soil by providing the nutrients necessary to increase the activity and diversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi in crop fields. This increased microbial community delivers many benefits to the soil, such as improving soil physical properties and increasing nutrient availability. More importantly, these organisms break down available organic matter into nutrient-rich humus—the key element in highly productive soils.

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Huma Gro® FERTIL SOIL™ carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology® improves soil structure and feeds the beneficial bacterial activity in the soil. This balances the carbon-oxygen ratio, creating a carbon-rich soil that allows the soil and rhizosphere interface to be more active. FERTIL SOIL™ increases availability of nutrients blocked by mineralization in soils. FERTIL SOIL™ indirectly helps to diminish the stress of saline soils and pH extremes.


Huma Gro® FERTIL HUMUS® carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology® has the nutrients necessary to feed beneficial fungal activity in the soil and to increase carbon and nutrient availability in the root zone. FERTIL HUMUS® enhances aerobic decomposition of organic matter and builds a humus-rich soil, which releases nutrients tied up in organic matter. FERTIL HUMUS® also helps buffer the plant from the effects of heavy metals and toxic substances in the soil.


Huma Gro® ZAP® carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology® is an organic-based formulation of nutrients for feeding the native beneficial soil microbial balance. ZAP® feeds a strong, vigorous soil biology, which indirectly results in the natural improvement of soil health.


Huma Gro® ENCAPSALT® combines nutrients and surfactants on an MCT base, which helps diminish salt stress in the root zone. ENCAPSALT® is also used to break free the Na ion, allowing irrigations to move salts down into the soil profile. It aids with water penetration and resolves crusty, hard soils.


Huma Gro® KLEENUP™ is a nutrient and soil surfactant formulation with Micro Carbon Technology® that creates a favorable soil environment, improves aeration, and increases the water-holding capacity of soils. KLEENUP™ buffers heavy metals from being toxic to roots and breaks the hydrocarbon chains to speed up the degradation and breakdown of chemical residues.

The Secret: Micro Carbon Technology®

Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) is a proprietary blend of extremely small organic carbon- and oxygen-rich molecules that act as a source of carbon and provide an ultra-efficient vehicle to move nutrients and other molecules into the plant through the soil and/or the leaves.

MCT is an ultra-efficient delivery system that allows growers and crop managers to achieve far more with much less product. Lower input volume = increased yield. Many inputs harm the soil. Huma Gro® products have a positive environmental impact by promoting overall soil and plant health through efficient foliar nutrition and the growth of roots and beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

The secret to our high efficiency rates is Micro Carbon Technology®. Using MCT as the base, we have developed many highly effective products for virtually every type of application. By building upon this base, the result is: 

  • Enhanced activity and diversity of beneficial microorganisms. 
  • Improved soil physical structure. 
  • Enhanced nutrient availability and uptake. 
  • Improved plant tolerance of environmental stresses. 

Our products efficiently supply your crop with the essential nutrition it needs for optimal growth, fruiting, and vigor. The results are higher quality, increased yield, and maximum profit.

Here's The Proof:

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