8 Simple Steps to Healthy Crop Soil

by Larry Cooper8 SIMPLE STEPS TO HEALTHY CROP SOIL: A PREVIEWOf course, you'll need to read this complete article to … [Continue Reading]

BHN Launches “The Huma Gro Farmer” Podcast

Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN), has launched a new podcast series titled The Huma Gro Farmer. The podcast features episodes on … [Continue Reading]

Flooded Strawberry Fields In Florida Delay Fumigation

  An interview with Jason Garcia, Florida Regional Manager and Agronomist By Jael Batty Flooded fields and … [Continue Reading]

Flooded strawberries

Our Humic Advantage

Humic substances, among the most wondrous products of nature, are the recycled essential residues of life. Plants harvest the … [Continue Reading]

Huma Gro®: Practically Perfect in Every Way for Strawberries

Successful strawberry farming presents many unique challenges. As with every other type of crop, each farm will have its own … [Continue Reading]

The Value of Humic Substances in the Carbon Lifecycle of Crops: Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids, and Beyond

By Larry Cooper, with Rita Abi-Ghanem, PhD Humic substances play an important role in soil fertility and crop yield. This … [Continue Reading]

Promax®: A Proven Soil Biopesticide

OMRI-Listed Huma Gro® Promax® is a soil-applied fungicide and nematicide used as a preventive and a curative agent. It is … [Continue Reading]

Micro Carbon Technology®: The Video

Micro Carbon Technology® is a proprietary blend of extremely small organic carbon- and oxygen-rich molecules that act as a … [Continue Reading]

Huma Gro®: The World’s Most Efficient Delivery of Crop N-P-K Nutrients

Huma Gro® products with Micro Carbon Technology® offer an unsurpassed level of application efficiency, allowing farmers to … [Continue Reading]

Intro to Huma Gro®: The Video

Watch a short (4:18) video introduction to the Huma Gro® product line of crop nutrition and crop protection products. … [Continue Reading]

Micronutrients Are the Key to Better Yields

Experts say that utilizing the smallest nutrients can unlock the greatest potential. By Larry Cooper, with Dr. Rita … [Continue Reading]


Huma Gro® Nutrient and Fumigation Replacement Program Increases Strawberry Yields 97%

Conducted by: Pacific Ag Research Huma Gro® Products: Ultra-Precision™ Blend (Fresca CA Strawberry Mix), Promax®, and … [Continue Reading]

Get More From Your Crop Than Ever Before

With Ultra-Efficient Micro Carbon Technology®
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