HUMA GRO® Liquid Agricultural Products

Scientifically Proven, Field Verified™

Whatever you grow — and want to grow more of — there’s an effective HUMA GRO® product to help. Progressive growers around the world rely on HUMA GRO® ultra-efficient macro / micro nutrients, sustainable soil fertility, zero-residue crop protection, optimal growth managers and other innovative solutions to raise crops more efficiently and profitably.  Within each category you can find a variety of products developed for specific crops and climatic needs — such as soil quality, nutrient requirements, moisture levels, plant maturities, fruiting and other factors.

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Sustainable Soil Fertility

Improve soil structure and soil microbial activity


Give your crop high-efficiency N-P-K nutrition for easy maintenance

Zero-Residue Crop Protection

omri-logo-01Cure diseased crops and soils with OMRI-Listed, effective pesticides


Maintain yields while reducing water rates.

Optimal Growth Managers

Effect a hormonal response to optimize crop yield


Strengthen your crop with our ultra-efficient essential micronutrients

Carbon-Rich Organic Acids

Enrich your fields with our organic acid compounds rich in carbon

Solving Environmental Challenges with HUMA GRO® Products

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Higher Efficiency Means Lower Costs

HUMA GRO® products have been proven to maximize the potential of your crops while lowering your input costs. When used correctly you’ll see significantly better results at a lower cost. To speak with a helpful HUMA GRO® representative, please call 1-800-961-1220 or email us.

*The OMRI tradename and associated OMRI-Listed symbol are registered trademarks of OMRI.

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