Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions About HUMA GRO®

Q. How can HUMA GRO® products help me?
A. In the simplest terms, Huma Gro® products make your growing operation more efficient—which usually means more profitable. By improving your soil, and your plants’ ability to absorb moisture and nutrients from it, HUMA GRO® products allow you to raise healthy crops with fewer inputs. Even in poorer soils, HUMA GRO® products can improve plant growth and increase yields, often with less water. That’s why we can say HUMA GRO® products “energize your crops!”

Q. How does HUMA GRO® improve the soil?
A. HUMA GRO® products increase the activity of microorganisms in the soil by converting organic matter (such as crop residue and other decayed plant/animal material) into nutrient-rich humus. University studies have shown that humus is the most important element in building and maintaining a more productive soil structure. High levels of humus give you soil with improved water retention and aeration plus reduced compaction and erosion. Better soil naturally promotes stronger, healthier plants. View the Soil Products.

Q. What are some actual benefits for the plants?
A. By improving the soil structure, HUMA GRO® leads to increased moisture retention and aeration, equating to a more effective distribution of water, oxygen and nutrients directly to the plants’ root zones. That improved root development contributes to better seedling emergence and faster starts, enhanced plant growth and more resistance to disease. It all adds up to higher yields, often with cleaner harvesting as a bonus.

Q. What makes HUMA GRO® products unique or better?
A. HUMA GRO® products are based on Micro Carbon Technology®, an exclusive combination of high-tech manufacturing processes and proprietary raw materials, especially a rare organic element known as Leonardite. The scientific advances behind HUMA GRO® enhance the ability of soils and plants to stimulate and use nutrients more effectively, in a way you can’t find anywhere else.

Q. Are HUMA GRO® products expensive?
A. If you could buy a fuel additive that would double your car’s gas mileage, what would it be worth? HUMA GRO® products are very affordable, but their real value is even more obvious when you calculate your return on investment: By increasing your crop yield AND lowering your fertilizer (and possibly irrigation) expenses, HUMA GRO® products can pay for themselves many times over.

Q. How do I know which products to use?
A. Your HUMA GRO® distributor will help you choose. Our full line of products includes something for every soil and crop, but recommendations vary from field to field, depending on your specific situation. After a brief, fact-finding assessment of your needs, your HUMA GRO® distributor can advise you about the best choices.

Q. Where can I get HUMA GRO® products, or find a distributor?
A. There’s always a HUMA GRO® distributor near you. Simply call us at 800-961-1220 or contact us here through the website.

Q. How are HUMA GRO® products applied?
A. HUMA GRO® products come in concentrated liquid form, so they can easily be applied through your irrigation system, or with ground-spray rigs or aerial application. HUMA GRO® products may be applied to the soil, the seed or directly to the plant. No special equipment or permits are ever needed to use environmentally friendly Huma Gro®. Our products are completely non-toxic and may be tank-mixed with other solutions. In fact, adding HUMA GRO® will often improve the performance of other sprays.

Q. What are the advantages of foliar application?
A. Research has shown that fertilizers applied directly to plants’ leaves can provide a faster, more effective response than soil-applied products, especially in forms like HUMA GRO®. Our products are specifically made to be readily absorbed by the plants without phytotoxicity so the nutrients go to work right away.

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