Why Choose HUMA GRO® Products with Micro Carbon Technology®?

Micro Carbon Technology®

  • Sustainable Soil Fertility
  • Ultra Efficient Crop Nutrition
  • Optimal Hormone Management
  • Zero Residue Crop Protection

Sustainable Soil Fertility

Unlike Conventional Soil Products, HUMA GRO® Products with Micro Carbon Technology®:

  • Stimulate naturally occurring soil biology
  • Change physical soil characteristics (flocculates clays) within 20-30 days
  • Stimulate up to 50 lbs/acre (56 Kg/hectare) of soil bio-mass in one application
  • Release tied up nutrients, increasing availability in all soil types
  • Buffer stress from soil toxicities (salts & heavy metals) and improves water penetration and holding capacity
  • Increase root mass development naturally – up to 25%
  • Require fewer products to obtain results

Ultra Efficient Crop Nutrition

Unlike Conventional Nutrition Products, HUMA GRO® Products with Micro Carbon Technology®:

  • Lower the volume of N-P-K applied per acre / hectare with higher efficiency and lower costs
  • Complex nutrients that are a few times more efficient than chelated nutrients
  • Have easy to use liquids with lower handling costs
  • Buffer nutrients so they are not phytotoxic and do not cause root burn
  • Decrease N-P-K residues for reduced environmental toxicity impact
  • Mix well with most other nutrient solutions, PGR’s and other agrichemicals and pesticides
  • Increase crop yield and quality significantly

Optimal Hormone Management

Unlike Conventional Synthetic Hormones, HUMA GRO® Products with Micro Carbon Technology®:

  • Stimulate natural hormonal production within the plant for uniform fruit sizing and no long-term negative side effects
  • Use natural plant metabolic pathways where timing is not as critical for effectiveness
  • Are less expensive and resolves many crop nutritional deficiencies
  • Do not create environmental hazards and has zero public health concerns
  • Manipulate the plant to do what we want it to do when we want it to do it

Zero Residue Crop Protection

Unlike Conventional Protection Products, HUMA GRO® Products with Micro Carbon Technology®:

  • Contain no harmful chemical residues or contaminants that harm the environment or create concern for human health
  • Result in long-term effectiveness when resistance cannot be accomplished due to natural chemistries
  • Require minimal personal protective gear for application and zero re-entry requirements
  • Address and resolve the basic causes for plant pest infestation
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