Ultra PrecisionSM of Huma Gro® Products

Ultra Precision Liquid Nutrients reduce time, overcome errors, and achieve maximum quality and yield

Growers who are unable to reach optimum yield using conventional fertilizers have a new option: Ultra PrecisionSM of Huma Gro® liquid nutrients. Ultra PrecisionSM empowers growers to achieve maximum yield and premium quality and to overcome plant and soil stresses with minimum effort. Our liquid nutrient blends are customized to exact specifications to fit each grower’s individual soil and crop needs. Because they are liquid, our blends are ready to use and do not require mixing. They work immediately with any fertigation system, without caking or clogging. Huma Gro®  precision blends contain a *Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) base for more effective uptake of nutrients.

Liquid nutrients that immediately work with any fertigation method
Our precision blended products are flexible, custom-blended liquid nutrients that adapt to on-demand needs and work in any fertigation system.

Easy to apply liquid nutrients vs. soluble or granular fertilizer
Huma Gro® blended products start with liquid nutrients that immediately work in any fertigation system. No manual systems or labor are needed to solubilize or add products to solution. No special arrangement of mixing tanks is required. Our precision blended products do not result in caked tanks or clogged nozzles.

Nutrient blends that get a quick response from plants, stay in the root zone, and improve soil health
With MCT, Huma Gro® liquid nutrient blends stay available in the root zone, thus stimulating roots for optimum health and growth and rapid nutrient uptake. Our products encourage a healthy biodiversity in the soil profile, improving soil texture and fertility. Huma Gro® blended solutions increase plant nutrient uptake, reduce plant stress, and improve plant vigor.

Products that increase flowering and fruit set, improve fruit quality, and extend shelf life
Huma Gro® precision blended formulations with MCT provide a complete nutrient solution that stimulates increased flowering and fruit set and feeds the natural metabolic processes for increased and uniform fruit size. Our blended solutions enhance the movement of nutrients through the plant to the fruit for high quality fruit, ship-ability, and longer shelf life.

A blending system that is not affected by human error and/or time constraints
Huma Gro® provides Ultra PrecisionSM to exact specifications for liquid nutrient solutions that are ready to use. Therefore, human error and/or time constraints will not result in additional problems.

*MCT is a proprietary blend of very small organic molecules that allows for more effective absorption of nutrients by plants.