Max Pak

The Solution for Micronutrient Nutrition in Plants

Huma Gro® MAX PAK® is a liquid micronutrient formulation containing a carbon- complexed, highly stable source of many important micronutrients. MAX PAK® is leaf friendly, salt buffered, and formulated with Micro Carbon Technology® to ensure maximum uptake and translocation of nutrients.

Benefits of use:

  • Micronutrient and chemical input tank-mix partner
  • Penetrates the leaf with minimum disruption of leaf cell membranes
  • Nutrient buffer for tank mixes
  • Improved plant vigor and resistance to environmental stresses
  • Essential components in chlorophyll, plant enzyme systems, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, photosynthesis, respiration, vitamins, and hormones
  • Provides essential plant nutrients

Testimonials and videos

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