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You farm because farming is in your blood—it’s who you are! You work hard from dawn till dusk to provide for your own and to feed the world. Let us help. See how our liquid humic-based growth managers can increase yields and profits, crop quality, and nutrient absorption.

Here’s What Our Mid-South Customers Report After Using Huma Gro® Products:

A farm in Helena, Ark., used 1 quart of VITOL® per acre and 1 quart of LUCKY 7® per acre with its regular herbicide application on its soybeans. Average yields before the Huma Gro® products were introduced were approximately 45 bushels per acre. After switching to these Huma Gro® products, the yields increased by 8 to 10 bushels per acre.

A farm in Homersville, Mo., had the same results with its soybeans when it began using VITOL® and LUCKY 7®. That same farm also used BREAKOUT® and SUPER K on another soybean field and had similar results.

Our Featured Huma Gro® Products

The Solution for Improved Fruiting of Plants

Huma Gro ® BREAKOUT® complexed filler image2with Micro Carbon Technology® is designed to stimulate the natural production of auxin and cytokinin-type hormones within the plant. Additionally, BREAKOUT® enhances bud initiation, flowering, and fruit set through the activation of amino acids, vitamins, and phosphorus transportation toward the roots and shoots of the plant. When applied to soils, BREAKOUT® is an effective fibrous root stimulant that enhances root mass.

Benefits of Use:

  • Provides energy needed to push “bud-break” uniformly.
  • Accelerates the emergence of fruiting buds.
  • Can be used to acidify/buffer spray solutions (pH 2.0).
  • May be applied with other foliar nutrients for maximum effect on flowering and fruit set.
  • Provides phosphorus needed to aid plants in overcoming bud dominance.
The Solution for Vigorous, Healthy Plant Growth

Huma Gro® VITOL® is a filler image1Micro Carbon Technology® complexed foliar nutrient formulation containing organically complexed macro- and micronutrients. VITOL® stimulates the natural production of gibberellins within the plant for vegetative development and fruit sizing. It increases the energy output of the plant which helps move it smoothly through its growth stages. VITOL® is effective in all crops in a wide range of foliar applications.

Benefits of Use:

  • Foliar nutrients are “leaf friendly” to ensure maximum uptake and translocation.
  • Micro Carbon Technology® complexed and salt buffered to reduce leaf burn and phytotoxicity.
  • Stimulates root growth in seedlings and transplants.
  • Improves health and vigor of plants by increasing essential nutrient levels.
  • Increases phosphorous levels that promote flowering and fruit set.
  • Alternative use as an acidify/buffer spray solution (pH 2).
The Solution for Complete Balanced Nutrition

Huma Gro ® LUCKY 7® is a filler image3broad-spectrum liquid nutrient formulation complexed with our Micro Carbon Technology®. LUCKY 7® is a complete nutrient package containing all macro- and most micronutrients. LUCKY 7® provides excellent foliar nutrition, as well as activating the beneficial biology in the soil. This is a complete nutrient product designed for all types of crops, trees, vines, turf, and ornamentals in a wide range of conditions. It provides an excellent foundation for the maintenance of healthy, vigorous growth.

Benefits of Use:

  • “Leaf friendly” to ensure maximum uptake and translocation.
  • Stimulates root growth in seedlings and transplants.
  • Improves health and vigor by increasing essential nutrient levels.
  • Excellent balanced nutrient blend for all types of crops.
  • Complete macro- and micronutrients in complexed form for easy, rapid uptake.
  • Blended for all soil types and regions.
  • Increases tolerance to multiple environmental stresses.
  • Excellent product for fertigation.
The Solution for Maximum Potassium in Plants

filler image4Huma Gro ® SUPER K™ is a liquid soil nutrient containing Micro Carbon Technology® complexed potassium. It is a highly stable source of potash that resists “tie-up” in the soil and is non salt-forming.

Benefits of Use:

  • Resists tie-up in the soil and remains available through the plant root system.
  • Provides quick crop response and can be applied just prior to actual crop need.
  • Can be tank mixed to improve availability of other potassium solutions.
  • Is non salt-forming and does not contain chloride.
  • Aids in potassium uptake in heavy clay, compacted, or high salinity soils.
  • Can be mixed with nitrogen solutions for easy application.
  • Is completely water soluble and can be water incorporated.

Huma Gro® Case Studies

Since 1973, HUMA GRO® has been testing its soil, nutrient and crop protection products in the field. Today, HUMA GRO® continues to conduct field trials and 3rd-party research studies to formulate & offer the most effective crop fertility products with our Micro Carbon Technology®.  Through our testing we’ve compiled recent field trials and 3rd-party research studies, many of which you can review online. Click on the links below to view the reports, and check back as we’ll be posting new information throughout the year.

For more case studies, visit our Huma Gro Case Studies page.

 If you would like more information or would like to be contacted by a Huma Gro representative, please fill out the form below.

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