soilmax field

Time to Rebuild Your Soil!

Remember, even the best soil can lose productivity over time. SOIL-MAX™, complexed with MCT improves soil structure and stimulates the activity of beneficial bacteria in the soil. This balances the carbon-oxygen ratio, creating a carbon-rich soil that allows the bulk soil and rhizosphere to be more active. SOIL-MAX™ increases availability of nutrients blocked by mineralization in soils. SOIL-MAX™ also helps to diminish the stress of saline soils and pH extremes. All of this can increase the productivity of your soils.

To learn more about SOIL-MAX™ you can request the product technical bulletin or label using the form in the sidebar to the right. You can also ask any questions you may have or get a hold us using the form in the sidebar to the right as well.

Benefits of Use:

* Activates beneficial aerobic bacteria and actinomycetes

* Improves soil structure (flocculates clay particles or aggregates sand)

* Solubilizes inorganic nutrients for efficient plant uptake

* Increases water penetration and water-holding capacity

* Improves buffering of extreme soil pH and sequestering of salts

* Stimulates root-mass development

* Aerates the soil

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