The Huma Gro Farmer Podcast: Episode 3 – Soil Biology and Soil Health with Zap®

By Jael Batty

In Episode 3 of The Huma Gro Farmer podcast, we discuss Soil Biology and Soil Health with Zap®. Because a healthy soil biology is vital to a healthy crop, we must rebuild soil biology after fumigant or pesticide use. We discuss this with our experts, Bio Huma Netics, Inc. President and CEO Lyndon Smith, and Eastern U.S. Sales Manager and Agronomist Barrett Smith. Join us as we discuss how Zap® rebuilds soil biology after fumigant/pesticide use.

View the Product Technical Bulletin.

Be sure to listen to Soil Biology and Soil Health with Promax® in which we discuss crop pests, crop disease, and pesticides.
This podcast is brought to you by Bio Huma Netics, Inc., the developer of Huma Gro® products.

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