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Soil Bed Preparation

  • Zap®—Promotes strong, diverse soil biology
  • Fertil Soil® —Feeds beneficial bacteria
  • Super Nitro® —30% liquid nitrogen derived from urea and ammonium nitrate
  • StableSol®—Humic acid powder, water-soluble at pH range of 0.5 to14.0.
  • Super Phos®—50% liquid phosphate
  • Super Potassium®—40% soluble potash
  • Promax®—OMRI-Listed broad-spectrum soil fungicide and nematicide, if soil nematodes are present,+ Zap®
  • X-Tend®—Apply to granular fertilizers in increase efficiency
  • Huma Burst® K Hume®—60%–70% humic and fulvic acid activated with a potassium coating that becomes an excellent soil conditioner


  • Zap®—Promotes strong, diverse soil biology
  • Breakout®—Improves flowering and fruiting and fibrous root growth/root mass; soil or foliar applied.
  • Start-L®—CO+MO for rapid seed germination and early emergence, also root dip or drench for transplants

Stage I: Early Growth

Stage II: First Tassel

Stage III: Ear Fill

Stage IV Preharvest


  • Fertil Humus®—Promotes beneficial fungal activity, breaks down crop stubble
  • Huma Pro® 16—Liquid 16% humic acid, healthier soil for sustainable plant growth
  • Huma Burst® 1-3mm—Granular 60%-70% humic/fulvic acid for healthier soil and sustainable plant growth

Corn Research and Field Trials

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