The Huma Gro Farmer Podcast: Episode 2 – All Things Strawberry (Part 2)

The Huma Gro Farmer Podcast logoWelcome to The Huma Gro Farmer podcast, in which we discuss crop nutrition and crop protection with experts in the field. Your host, Larry Cooper interviews agronomists, certified crop advisors, and Huma Gro distributors and customers about proven Huma Gro programs and strategies for growing premium, high yield crops.

In Episode 2, we discuss All Things Strawberry from bud initiation to post harvest with our strawberry braintrust: Huma Gro Senior Director of U.S. Domestic Sales Doug Greer, Eastern Sales Manager and Agronomist Barrett Smith, Florida Regional Agronomist Jason Garcia, and special guests Certified Crop Advisor and Pest Control Advisor for WRT Ag in California Silvano DeLuna, and President of the strawberry dynasty Fancy Farms in Plant City, Florida Dustin Grooms. If you’re growing strawberries or thinking of starting a strawberry farm, this episode is for you. Join us as we discuss everything strawberry.

Be sure to listen to All Things Strawberry (Part 1) in which we discuss strawberry growing from bud initiation to post harvest.

This podcast is brought to you by Bio Huma Netics, Inc., the developer of Huma Gro products.

Micronutrients Are the Key to Better Yields

Tomatoes grown with Huma Gro products

Experts say that utilizing the smallest nutrients can unlock the greatest potential.

By Larry Cooper, with Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem

Micronutrients play a critical role in plant vigor, yield, and harvest quality. Yet, they are often overlooked when growers develop their nutrient programs. In this article, we provide an overview of what micronutrients are, the roles they play, how availability is affected by soil and other conditions, how to recognize deficiencies, and the important steps to take when developing a micronutrient plan for your crops.
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