Video: Earth Day, 2021

Over 50 years ago, on April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets to protest environmental destruction and to celebrate the wonders of Planet Earth. The basic message was that we had to find new ways to live our lives, raise our food, and conduct our businesses that were environmentally friendly and sustainable—that would not waste resources or pollute the air, the water, or the soil. [Read more…]

Fertilgold® Organics de BHN logra ingresar 23 productos a la lista del OMRI

Fertilgold® Organics, una marca de fertilizantes orgánicos de Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN), con sede central en Gilbert, Arizona, ha sido incluida en la lista del Instituto de Revisión de Materiales Orgánicos (Organic Materials Review Institute, OMRI) por sus 23 productos iniciales. sigue leyendo

BHN’s Fertilgold® Organics Earns OMRI-Listing for 21 Products

Fertilgold® Organics, a brand of organic fertilizer products from Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) headquartered in Gilbert, Ariz., has achieved Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing for 21 initial products. Continue reading

BHN 2018 World Conference

The biannual Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN), World Conference was held November 6­–9, 2018, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Conference Center in Gilbert, Arizona. The BHN World Conference was attended by 72 Huma Gro®, Huma Gro® Turf, and Probiotic Solutions® product distributors and users representing 18 countries.

Conference attendees were welcomed by BHN President and CEO Lyndon Smith in an opening address with a theme of “Integrity Is Power.” The conference included two days of product information and education presentations, including the official launch of the company’s new Fertilgold® Organics product line for organic agriculture. An awards banquet was held on Thursday evening, and on Friday attendees had an opportunity to tour a local farm and to go horseback riding.

Conference attendees will be receiving an email link to view and download event photos at Flickr. Presentation PDFs have been posted to the BHN Hub; presentation videos will also be posted on the BHN Hub in coming weeks.

BHN alternates its biannual World Conferences in Arizona with regional conferences held on odd-numbered years. The next regional conference will be held in Turkey in 2019.

Select the image below to play the conference theme video.

Fertilgold® Organics obtiene certificación de sus primeros 11 fertilizantes orgánicos

Fertilgold® Organics, una marca nueva de fertilizantes orgánicos de Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN), con sede central en Gilbert, Arizona, ha sido incluida en la lista del Instituto de Revisión de Materiales Orgánicos (Organic Materials Review Institute, OMRI) por sus primeros 11 productos orgánicos. De estos, 6 productos de nutrición líquida incluidos en la lista de OMRI se basan en la Tecnología Micro Carbono®, que lleva los nutrientes a las plantas de manera más efectiva que los productos de nutrición orgánica tradicionales. Entre esos 6 productos líquidos de Fertilgold® Organics se encuentran® K-6 (potasio), Fertilgold® B (boro), Fertilgold® Ca (calcio), Fertilgold® Mg (magnesio), Fertilgold® Micros I (una mezcla equilibrada de S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo y Zn), y Fertilgold® Zn (zinc). Los otros 5 productos iniciales incluidos en la lista de OMRI incluyen los ácidos húmicos/fúlvicos secos molidos en diferentes tamaños granulares para diferentes usos (Fertilgold® Powder, Fertilgold® Greens, Fertilgold® 1–3 mm, Fertilgold® 6 mm[-], y Fertilgold® Micro Humic). La línea de productos Fertilgold® Organics a la larga ofrecerá más de 20 productos en 7 categorías.

Estos 11 productos iniciales se encuentran actualmente disponibles para la venta para productores orgánicos comerciales de Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, y Texas y pronto estarán registrados y disponibles en todo Estados Unidos y en varios otros países. Los nutrientes que están bajo la evaluación actual de OMRI se encuentran en las categorías de Fertilidad del suelo, Macronutrientes, Ácidos húmicos y fúlvicos líquidos, Biopesticidas y Surfactantes.

Lyndon Smith, presidente y CEO de BHN, manifestó que “durante años, los clientes de nuestra línea de productos de protección y nutrición de cultivos de Huma Gro® para agricultura convencional nos pidieron que desarrolláramos una línea de productos totalmente orgánicos también con Tecnología Micro Carbono®. Los miembros de nuestro equipo de desarrollo de productos hicieron un gran trabajo al crear los productos Fertilgold® Organics, los cuales creemos que redefinirán la nutrición orgánica de cultivos. Estamos ofreciendo una línea completa de productos efectivos que se han diseñado para proporcionar una nutrición realmente orgánica exactamente cuándo, dónde y cómo los cultivos lo necesitan. Cualquier persona que conozca los excelentes resultados de rendimiento y calidad de los cultivos de nuestros productos Huma Gro® en la agricultura convencional, quedará encantada con lo que logrará Fertilgold® Organics con Tecnología Micro Carbono® (para los productos líquidos) en sus cultivos orgánicos”.

Puede encontrar más información en el sitio web de Fertilgold® Organics (, donde se proporcionarán actualizaciones constantes sobre productos nuevos, el estado de los productos de la lista de OMRI, y la inscripción en el estado de cada uno. También se publicará el contenido del blog para los seguidores de Fertilgold® Organics en las redes sociales  Facebook y Twitter .

Fertilgold® Organics Earns Certification for 10 Initial Organic Fertilizer Products

Fertilgold® Organics, a new brand of organic fertilizer products from Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) headquartered in Gilbert, Ariz., has achieved Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing for 10 initial products. Of these, 6 OMRI-listed liquid crop nutrition products are based on the company’s proprietary nutrient carrier, Micro Carbon Technology®, which carries nutrients to plants more effectively than traditional organic nutrition products. Those 6 initial Fertilgold® Organics liquid products include Fertilgold® K-6 (potassium), Fertilgold® B (boron), Fertilgold® Ca (calcium), Fertilgold® Mg (magnesium), Fertilgold® Micros I (a balanced mix of S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn), and Fertilgold® Zn (zinc). The other 4 initial OMRI-listed products include dry humic/fulvic acids that are milled to different granular sizes for various uses (Fertilgold® Powder, Fertilgold® Greens, Fertilgold® 1–3 mm, and Fertilgold® 6 mm[-]). The Fertilgold® Organics product line will ultimately feature over 20 products in 7 categories.

These initial 10 products are currently available for sale to commercial organic growers in Arizona and Florida, and they will soon be registered and available throughout the United States and in several other countries. Products that are currently undergoing review for OMRI listing are in the categories of Soil Fertility, Macronutrients, Liquid Humic and Fulvic Acids, Biopesticides, and Surfactants.

Lyndon Smith, BHN President and CEO, stated, “For years, customers of our bestselling Huma Gro® crop nutrition and protection product line for conventional farming have been asking us to develop a fully organic product line that is also powered by our Micro Carbon Technology®. The folks on our product development team have done an outstanding job with creating the Fertilgold® Organics products, which we think will redefine organic crop nutrition. We are offering a full line of effective products that have been designed to deliver true organic nutrition exactly when, where, and how crops need it. Anyone familiar with the outstanding crop yield and quality results achieved by our Huma Gro® products on the conventional farming side is going to absolutely love what Fertilgold® Organics with Micro Carbon Technology® (for the liquid products) will do for their organic crops.”

More information is available on the Fertilgold® Organics Website (, which will provide ongoing updates regarding new products, OMRI-Listed status for products, and state registration for each. Blog content will also flow out to followers on Fertilgold® Organics Facebook and Twitter social media channels.

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